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"It’s been my pleasure to know Tony for over 20 years and my good fortune to have worked with him in Charlotte, NC for 7 of those years.  When I first started with him I had already been an embryologist for 9 years.  Although I was a competent laboratorian, I definitely honed my skills under the tutelage of Tony.   He is a patient and thorough teacher.  His natural affinity for people makes it a pleasure and a privilege to learn from him.  There is no problem he can’t solve given the time and resources to do it.  If we’re having a problem in the lab or I just want an opinion, Tony is one of the first people I call. His opinion means the world to me. " L. Weikert

"I met Tony a few months ago when I got a new position. While I had 7 years of experience in embryology, I had not worked in the field in the last 5 years. I attended two weeks of training under his supervision.

Tony gave me an intense course of all assisted reproductive techniques both established and new. We began our training with an overview on semen analysis and sperm processing procedures, followed by oocyte handling, embryo assessment, embryo transfer and hatching, ICSI, fertilization assessment, vitrification (freeze and thaw), media preparation and embryo biopsy.   

Tony is more than an accomplished director; he is a teacher. He insists that you troubleshoot and understand why you are performing a procedure. I believe this is essential to becoming a great embryologist. Tony possesses elite skills for reproductive procedures and conveys his knowledge thoroughly with kind patience. It was great that he also provided practical advice for sharpening my skills. As a very personable individual, he creates a positive work environment." - M. Dulevich

"When Tony offered his new training program, I also knew that the offer to learn and train under one of the best embryologists in the world was worth paying for.  Tony is an excellent teacher, and he gave me confidence.  His teaching style is special because he combines his technical skill with his theoretical knowledge, so he winds up not only teaching you how to perform procedures, but also why you are doing things certain ways.  Before my term was up, I had multiple interviews and a job offer.  It is, aside from a blessing from God, entirely because of Tony that I have my career as an Embryologist. Prior to working with Tony, I didn’t qualify for sweeping the lab floor for free.  The experience was truly life-changing, and I intend to continue taking advantage of any new programs he rolls out."- D. Atassi

"Dr. Tony Anderson began his Charlotte embryology career in the Fall 1994.  He arrived with outstanding recommendations from a pioneer in human IVF embryology.  Over the next 15 years he led Reproductive Endocrinology Of Charlotte to consistent, excellent outcomes during the evolution of IVF technology.  His expertise included water purification, glassware production, new media development, utilization of ICSI, blastocyst culture, cleaved and trophectoderm embryo genetic biopsy.  Numerous publications regarding these topics were completed.  QC and regulatory inspections were always successful. 
More than 10 young embryologists were trained by Tony;  many subsequently directing other IVF labs.  I have encouraged young embryologists in training to work with Tony because of his work ethic, honesty, and experience.  I would trust an IVF lab to Tony now and in the future." Jack Crain, MD

I worked with Dr. Anderson in Charlotte, NC and his expertise helped propel my advancement in the field of Embryology.  Dr. Anderson’s training was especially vital in my development in the area of embryo / trophectoderm biopsy.  My time with Dr. Anderson laid to foundation for me to manage a predominately CCS based program that ranks amongst the top in the nation- J. Glenn Proctor