We develop the reproductive laboratory design to optimize flow and ergonomics for patient safety.
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Laboratory Design

Laboratories designed by our team of laboratory specialists

  • Presbyterian Hospital
    Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Reproductive Endocrinology Associates of Charlotte (REACH) Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Reproductive Medicine Associates of Texas
    Austin, Texas 

  • Reproductive Medicine Associates of San Antonio Texas   New Business Develop

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Laboratory Design

Our team has designed some of the most state of the art laboratories in the United States. Laboratories designed by our team has experienced excellent outcomes through design and leadership.  The laboratory design team is well versed in air filtration for volatile organic carbons (VOC’s) and particulates that meet the needs of regional demands. Whether new or remodel, our team will assist you from the beginning to the end. 

Our services include:
Site Evaluation-

Evaluate site for air filtration demands, potential vibration and possible water contaminants that may penetrate the laboratory. Every region has differing demands for air filtration. Paying special attention to traffic and flight patterns of the area. Our team fits the system to your needs. Bigger is not always better. 

Patient Safety

Our team will create a space that is aligned for patient safety in mind. Work flow and ergonomics are essential in patient safety in the laboratory. Our team has more than a century of combined experience in creating a space that is safe for the patient and staff. We will also be alert to meet expected future demands over time.

Customer experience

Fertility treatment is a journey for the patient and can be part of the experience. Our designs are aligned with incorporating the patient involvement in the treatment process. Designs use multiple mediums and technologies to create transparency with the fertility team and the patient.